Students attend Orientation for Career Development Institute

Students interested in becoming prepared for the work world will be attending MNDC’s Career Development Institute. This is a 10-week program where students learn about business education, entrepreneurial skills, financial literacy, résumé writing, dressing for success, business plan writing, and more. The orientation was held on Friday, April 5 at the Wally Choice Community Center in Montclair.

Youth pastor and inspirational speaker Michael Spence addressed the students as did executive director Al Pelham, Councilwoman Dr. Renee Baskerville and board president Rev. Craig Dunn. Also in attendance were Mayor Jackson, Councilman Bill Hurlock, Ann Mernin of Toni’s Kitchen, Deputy Chief Young and Garth Guthrie from the Montclair Police Department, Montclair firefighters, board members Tara Myers and Clarence Jackson, Diane Anglin, Elaine Spears and MNDC staff.