MNDC Welcomes New Partner: Reaching Out – Montclair

MNDC is always looking to add new services so they can help reach even more people in need. In 2016, they began partnering with Reaching Out – Montclair after hearing how founders Garth and Madeline Guthrie were successfully reaching the Hispanic community with compassion (see below for more information on Madeline). And now they have formalized their relationship, bringing Reaching Out – Montclair under their auspices as a subsidiary, located at One Lackawanna Plaza, Montclair.   Although Reaching Out – Montclair formally began in 2016, the Guthries have been helping their Spanish-speaking neighbors for a few years now. Initially, they noticed that many in their community needed food, so they connected with Toni’s Kitchen and soon after began giving out dinners from the back of their van. As Madeline gained trust from the families, she sought out donations of clothes, shoes, furniture and other needed items. Seeing that the families needed regular help with food, she and Garth set up a regular delivery of groceries to approximately 40 families each week.   This new collaboration will enable MNDC to provide services to the Hispanic community to connect them to needed resources as well as provide donations of furniture, clothing, bicycles, groceries and, at times, hot meals.   We’re thrilled to have Reaching Out – Montclair on board with us. Since they share the same mission of MNDC “People Helping People” we think it’s a perfect fit!