Student Spotlight: Issata Green

Issata Green is grateful to the neighbor that told her mother about MNDC’s  Career Development Institute (CDI). Having finished up her third year in the program, Miss Green is looking forward to starting her job at Mountainside Hospital.

Her first job through CDI was at Davis Integrated Medicine and although she already was interested in becoming a physical therapist, seeing what one does on a daily basis solidified her direction.

Miss Green values what she’s learned at CDI because it enabled her to find summer employment and taught her valuable interviewing skills. “I was nervous for my first interview but learned that if you’ve gotten an interview then the person likes you and you just have to sell yourself by having a conversation.” Now when she goes on an interview, she’s more confident in her answers and they start to come naturally. In fact, she’s given advice to cousins and friends when it’s their turn to interview or fill out a job application.

Now a rising senior at Montclair High School, Issata is the manager for the Junior Varsity and Varsity Girls Basketball Teams where she maintains equipment, works the scoreboard, and keeps game statistics. She is also planning for college, her first choice being Georgia State University. Not only do they have a program for physical therapy, but she also has family in Georgia and likes the area.

We look forward to watching Miss Green reach her goals, knowing that, perhaps, MNDC played a part in helping her reach them.