Montclair Recreation Hires Project Life Participant

Project Life Prepares Student for Work

Pat Brechka, Director of the Montclair Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department, can't say enough good things about our Project Life students. Her department is not only a funder of Project Life, but every summer she employs five of our graduates to help the counselors manage the 200 children who attend the Montclair Recreation Day Camp at Clary Anderson Arena.

What she loves about the MNDC students is that they are hard working, respectful of the counselors, eager to learn and arrive on time to work. Brechka can always tell who she'll hire as counselors when they turn 18. "It's the students who really love being with the kids and stay after the day is over to help clean up or hang out," she comments.

"Butta", or Khalid Branch, was that kid. He started as a helper last year and excelled in his work. Having a job that he cared about changed his whole demeanor, surprising his mother who noted the positive change. This year, Khalid was hired as a counselor and is adored by the children and staff alike. Camp is like his second home.

Brechka says that she makes it a point to tell other organizations about these exceptional students in the hopes that they'll become Project Life employers.