Readying Students For Careers In Culinary Arts

The Culinary Career Institute provides an academic path to a post-secondary education through a culinary venue. During a 6-week program, teenagers will learn culinary skills in the Wally Choice Community Center located in the Glenfield Park, Montclair, NJ. The students will transition from learning basic culinary and food safety skills to more complex principles of nutrition, healthy eating, and corollary learning experiences in math, microbiology, and culture. 

In class they will complete hands-on and food laboratory assignments. Their final project is designed to develop creative culinary art skills, nutritional awareness, kitchen and knife safety, multi-cultural appreciation, customer service, financial literacy, contract negotiations, professional management capabilities, business writing and the development of a business plan.

Upon the successful completion of the Culinary Career Institute program, students will receive a certificate of completion. This will deem the participants eligible to work in the Summer Employment Program, a paid culinary service position over the summer. The graduates can be employed to operate the Culinary Cafe in Glenfield Park during the Project Oasis Summer Camp. To participate, students must be 15 years or older.

To register for the Culinary Career Institute, click here or call MNDC at 973-744-9094.


Culinary classes will take place at the Wally Choice Community Center, 49 Maple Avenue, Montclair.
To participate, students must be 15 years or older.